Root 3x6 Grecian Pillar Candle Mulled Cider

Root 3x6 Grecian Pillar Candle Mulled Cider

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Product Name:Root 3x6 Grecian Pillar Candle Mulled Cider
Product Code:3619
Min Quantity: 1
Price: $22.00 for 1

As low as $22.00 each

Hand-poured Grecian Pillars are made from a labor of love. Inspired by the classical symmetry of ancient Greek columns, Grecian Pillars add a romantic flair to any home setting. Each candle is created using Root's traditional candle mold and very careful, personal attention. The Grecian finish features balanced folds on the body of the candle, capturing soft light and contrasting shadows. Root Candles' Scented Grecian Pillars have an all-natural cotton wick and burn an impressive 16 hours per inch. Grecian pillars are available in 28 exquisite long-lasting fragrances, 28 trending designer colors. Every Root Grecian Pillar is 3 inches in diameter, and are available in three heights; 3", 6", and 9". Made in USA.


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