PSA Essentials, Holiday Stamp, Peasce On Earth

1.63" in diameter. ◾Fonts available only as shown. Outside rim text will be all capital letters. Inside text or initials will be as shown in alphabet; specify upper or lower case if both are shown. ◾Text on outside rim limited to a total of 55 characters including spaces and bullets or dashes. Inside text limited to a total of 12 characters including spaces. Font size will vary depending on amount of text. ◾Self-inking stamp comes with black ink cartridge good for 10,000 to 14,000 impressions. ******************************************************* Estimated Delivery Times 10* business days for processing + shipping time *November through December processing time may be longer. Note: ◾Delivery time is an estimate.
Printed by BeeYond Paper
PSA Essentials - PSA Essentials, Holiday Stamp, Peasce On Earth | PSA Essentials -
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