Embosser, Annabeth, PSA ESSENTIALS


This personalized return address embosser features your name and address circled around your initials in the center. The fonts are shown with the image and the layout of the design will come only as shown. The number of letters requested determines the size of the text. You can effortlessly emboss papers up to 26 lb. There is a 50 character limit around the design on embossers. Please indicate in the special instructions box, which wording is for outer and inner circle and your alignment.

Choose top or bottom alignment.

If you plan to emboss at the
top of stationery, consider:
 top alignment.

If you plan to use your embosser on envelopes or notes, consider:
 bottom alignment.

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PSA Essentials - Embosser, Annabeth, PSA ESSENTIALS | PSA Essentials - PSA(E)-ANNAB
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