Unique Baby Shower Gifts: Practicality and Sentimentality

Baby showers can be hard to plan.  Picking the day, choosing the food, and looking for the right baby shower invitations can take a lot of time.  Planning the shower can be tricky, but finding the right baby shower gift can be even more difficult.  The ideal baby shower gift should be something useful for both the mommy to be and her future bundle of joy, and also meaningful and cute..  Finding a gift that can be all three things is a challenge, but if you read this blog you’ll be able to find some great ideas.

Practical Gift-Travel Kit

Getting ready to go out with a baby can feel a lot like packing for a vacation.  You need to bring so many things and it can be difficult to make sure that you have everything you need.  Help your friend out by making her a travel kit she can use whenever she has to run out with the baby.  Pick out a nice diaper bag and fill it with diapers, diaper wipes, formula, bottles, one or two extra outfits for the baby, and a pacifier and toy to keep the baby happy and calm.  This bag isn’t just for the baby, be sure to put in some essentials for mommy.  A travel mirror, hair brush, lipstick, and a granola bar can be a life saver.  After your friend sees her gift she’ll be telling the rest of her friends and family how much she loves it.

Sentimental Gift-Happy Jar

Some days your friend can feel like super mom, but other days can make her feel slightly less invincible.  When you have a baby that won’t stop crying, work that needs to be done, and other people who need tending to it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.  When your friend starts to feel this way, she’ll be happy that her closest friends took time to make her a happy jar.  Happy jars are containers that have little slips of paper on them that say encouraging and nice things, and each time your friend is feeling glum she can reach into the jar and read something that can put a smile on her face.  Have each of the shower guests take time to write down encouraging statements, quotes, and things they love about their friend.  This is a very easy and inexpensive gift, and it will mean a lot to your friend.


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