Trendy and Popular Sweet 16 Ideas

The 16th birthday is teenage primetime, especially for girls. It’s the first “big” birthday that a young woman will have and there’s no doubt she’s excited – it’s up to you to make it a night she’ll never forget. There’s no better way to take her special night to another level than by incorporating the perfect theme. But, of course, the theme has to be cool and trendy so she can feel like a star. Right now, there are a few different sweet 16 themes that are hot – here’s how you can make them happen.


A Hollywood-themed sweet sixteen party is bound to be a hit amongst the teens. They can get all glitzed up in ball gowns and suits, do their makeup, and don red lipstick to have the night of their lives. Make sure to send out some movie-themed invitations to get the party started. For décor, make sure to incorporate some version of the Hollywood sign and other additions like film strips or even a red carpet for the entrance. Black and white balloons make for great decorations as well, and makeshift Oscar trophies can serve as centerpieces. Put little tuxedos or gold stars on all the desserts and treats for an added touch!


As soon as you send out the masquerade invitations, your guests will excitedly begin looking for the perfect masks and outfits. Use gossamer or some other fabric and hang it in swaths from the ceilings to the walls to create a dark, dramatic tent effect. Make sure the decorations incorporate a lot of black and gold with feathers, masks, and beads all around. Hang them on the walls and put them on the tabletops – just make sure they’re everywhere! Gothic looking glassware and candles always help add to the effect.


It’s fairly easy to make a Paris-themed party. Use paper or even small figurines to make Eiffel Tower-shaped centerpieces and hang a life-sized picture of the Eiffel Tower on the wall as well for people to use as a photo backdrop. Plenty of cheeses and breads should be around the room for the guests to nibble on. Encourage the guests to wear berets or dress in old French revolutionary outfits. Consider putting the French flag on the cake, or small French flags sticking out of the food, and print pictures of Paris in springtime to put all around the room.

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