Tips for the Bride: Avoid Being a Bridezilla, Stress or No Stress!

There’s no need to explain what a ‘bridezilla’ is – we’ve all seen the shows or, heaven forbid, known one ourselves. Their stressed-out rage and “all-about-me” attitude can drive friends, family, planners, and the groom insane – but as your special day approaches, you might start to realize how the stress could really get to you. No one wants to turn into a bridezilla without even knowing it! So as your bridal shower approaches, here are a few tips that you, as the bride, can use to make sure you’re being fair while still enjoying the fun of the planning.

Don’t Be a Control Freak!

It’s natural to want to have a say in everything – from the bridal shower invitations, right down to the accessories that the bridesmaids will be wearing. At some point, though, you have to remember to pick your battles. Make it clear to your consultants, friends, and future hubby what is most important to you – whether it be having a fancy dress, or what the guest list will look like. It is your day, after all; just bear in mind that the wedding will be perfect because it’s yours, not because of the material things that make it up. Let your friends surprise you by setting up the bridal shower, or let your groom pick out some flowers – don’t take on all the responsibilities yourself and create unnecessary stress!

Don’t Neglect your Groom!

The weeks leading up to the wedding are stressful, but they’ll be even more stressful if there’s any strain on your relationship. Regardless of how overwhelming things get, don’t forget the reason for the wedding: you’re in love! It’s important to remain affectionate during these times, and to do things together, to make the planning of the wedding as special as the wedding itself (and to make sure that no tension builds beforehand!).

Remain Realistic.

Keep in mind that while you’re prepared to drop a pretty penny on your wedding, your bridal party might not be able to. Keep the bridal outings to a reasonable amount and make sure that everyone is comfortable with the dresses they have to wear, especially if they are paying for them. They want to help, so don’t take advantage of the money and time they are willing to spend. Again, you will only create tension.

Avoid Drastic Diets.

Every bride wants to look amazing in her dress, but crash dieting is both dangerous and stressful. Not getting enough nutrition could actually cause you to bloat, which will only add to the stress of wanting to look good. It can also cause mood swings, hair loss, and an upset stomach. If you really want to look (and feel) radiant, research a healthy diet and stick to that – you’ll avoid getting grumpy from hunger and your new health will shine through.

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