Three Unique Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Rounding up all the ladies, drinking champagne and eating hors d’oeuvres – bridal showers are fun get-togethers just for the girls whether you have them at someone’s house or in a restaurant. You get to show your lucky gal how much you appreciate her by showering her with gifts and discuss all the wedding plans with her – it’s the perfect girls’ day out. Some guests stress a bit too much about what to get the lucky lady, though. Here’s a tip – don’t! If her registry isn’t listed on her bridal shower invitations, there are plenty of ways you can get her exactly what she needs while being thoughtful and memorable.

Gift a Day at the Spa!

It doesn’t matter who your bride is – if she doesn’t need a mani and pedi, facial, or just some relaxation from all the stress of planning a wedding, then she isn’t a bride. In preparing for a wedding, all the costs add up quickly. Between her hair appointment, dress, decorations, venue, and everything else, she could end up spending thousands of dollars. If you get her a spa gift certificate, you’ll either be able to take the cost of her hair and makeup off her hands, or simply give her a day where she can get a massage and quit worrying!

Gift a Photo Album!

If she isn’t already moved into her house with her new special someone, she’s going to need some photos with which to decorate. Make her a scrapbook or get one of those standing photo albums for her coffee table so she can always have pictures of her, the girls, and her pre-marriage relationship with her significant other around her new home. This gift takes time, effort, and thought, and it’s guaranteed to make her tear up when she sees it.

Make her a Married Life Gift Basket!

This is another one that takes time, thought, and effort. Gather a bunch of items she’s going to need as a married woman and write little notes on each item as to why she’ll need them. For example, put a bottle of her favorite wine inside, and title it “stress-reliever,” and give her some candles in her favorite scents for relaxation time with her and her hubby. It never hurts to have a nice, girly, funny book for her to indulge in when she needs some alone time (Tina Fey’s Bossypants is great for this!) or a journal for her to list the reasons why she married her husband.

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