Technology Meets Tradition: Modern Celebrations Of The Jewish New Year

With Rosh Hashannah just weeks away, Jewish practitioners are finding new ways to celebrate this year. From online Jewish New Year’s cards to a digital Talmud, combining tradition with technology has never been easier. Learn just a few of the ways that modern Jews are connecting with their religion during the High Holy Days this year.


Digital Talmud: While the image of Jewish scholars unrolling holy scrolls is as enduring as the religion itself, this is the 21st century. If it ain’t published digitally, it doesn’t exist. Enter the ArtScroll digital library, who have released an app covering the entire span of the ancient Babylonian scripture. The app offers tools like searches for different famous passages and a complete digital download so you don’t need an Internet connection. Depending on how you observe the Sabbath, this edition may be off limits to you. But for Jews participating in the Talmud program know as Daf Yomi (literally “page of the day”)—the observation program introduced by Rabbi Meir Shapiro in 1923—this digital edition can help you celebrate your religion from anywhere.

Online Jewish New Year’s Cards Creation Sure, anyone can go to their local Hallmark store and grab a few Jewish New Year’s cards for friends and family, but why not design them from the comfort of your living room without changing out of your PJ’s? New card design software, available wherever cards are sold online, allow you to design cards with photos, designs and your own creatings that can be printed and delivered, all from the same interface. The trick is finding companies that offer templates designed to celebrate the Jewish holidays. This type of commitment to the Jewish celebration of faith allows fledgling card designers to choose from an array of visual choices, creating a truly memorable card, all online.

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