Say It with a Bridal Shower Invitation

Before you march down the aisle, there are some other festivities to get underway. Are you at the point of sending bridal shower invitations? First, you must find the right invitations. Secondly, you may want to make the sentiment more special by individualizing each card. Of course, the invitation will provide information about the date, time, and location, but you can also add something special to each recipient.

Is the invitee a family member? It could be a cousin, aunt, or sister. The time of your wedding is a special one in your life. It is a good time to reflect on memories and about what the recipient means to you in your life. Along with the bridal shower invitation, write a special memory you have about the invitee.

Are you sending the invitation to a friend? Your friend may have anxieties about your life and your relationship with them changing now that you have a permanent, significant other in your life. You can write assurances in the bridal shower invitation that your friendship will not change and that you will still have time for ‘ladies’ nights’ and other girl fun after you are married.

Some people really enjoy being around couples, so they ensure people come as a couple to the event by sending couples’ bridal shower invitations. While courting with your fiancé, you may have spent a lot of time double dating or doing couple-themed activities with others and their loved ones. Within your bridal shower invitation you can write a sentiment about how you enjoyed spending time with them and how they are inextricably connected with memories of your courtship. In addition, you can write about how you look forward to doing married-couple activities in the future. Who knows? Maybe such a sentiment will inspire others to realize how special their relationship is and want to graduate to marriage as well!

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