Planning a Baby Shower without Knowing the Sex

Since the word “baby shower” usually elicits thoughts of soft blues and pinks, it may feel like a setback in the planning if you aren’t sure whether the little bundle of joy is expected to be a boy or a girl. As a matter of fact, quite the contrary is true! It’s a lot of fun to plan a baby shower to get everyone excited for the surprise, and if anything, there are even more ways you can play around with the d├ęcor and favors. Here are some tips.

Whether you know the gender or not, picking a theme always makes it easier. Some great neutral themes are Noah’s ark, rubber ducks, bumble bees, owls, or pea in the pod. You’ll have to incorporate a specific color scheme regardless of if there is a theme or not. Traditional gender neutral colors are yellow and green, but you could use something fun, such as orange, too. White, gray, and brown always make for great accent colors. On the other hand, you could always use both blue and pink if you are a fan of the traditional baby shower colors.

Bring the theme or color scheme into the baby shower invitations to keep it all cohesive. You’ll have to word it differently, though; instead of saying “baby boy” or “little girl,” refer to the child as a “bundle of joy,” “new addition,” or simply “Baby Smith” (customizing the last name, of course).

There are plenty of options for party favors, such as bags of mixed candies in the colors of the shower, candle votives, or little question mark-shaped cookies to play off of the element of surprise. Simply have the favors engraved with the date of the shower or find a cute saying to put on them, like “Pink or blue, we welcome you!” or “Showers of joy, come girl or boy.”

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