New Years Resolution: Be Prepared

The holidays are over and it’s finally time to relax. Except – maybe this would have all been a little bit easier had you been prepared ahead of time. In 2010, make life easier on yourself and pledge to be prepared for any events coming up this year.

Pick Invites Early

While you might not want to send out invitations to an event to far in advance, it’s never too early to decide on an invitation. Whether you have a corporate party, cocktail event, or a child’s birthday, there are nearly limitless invitation possibilities available for each that you could buy ahead of time and customize later. This can apply to more than invitations, too. Keeping a stock of any all-purpose cards, especially thank you cards can really save you stress in a pinch. One way to keep track of all these extra cards would be to have a box with labeled sections; for example, “birthday cards,” “thank you,” “thinking of you,” etc.

Don’t Forget the Favors

When planning an event, sometimes it’s easy to forget favors. Be sure to thank your guests for coming with something as simple as customized candies. Choose a seasonal or festive container for mints to have for your guests with their place settings, and they’ll be sure to remember your party (and you’ll be glad you remembered those favors!).

So whatever events you have coming up this year, don’t wait until the last minute! Be prepared this year and make 2010 memorable and stress-free.

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