How To Throw A Baby Shower That Will Be Remembered For A Lifetime

If someone you know is expecting a baby, chances are you’ll either plan a baby shower or be invited to one for the mother-to-be. Taking over the responsibility of planning a baby shower can be a big one, but with a little forward thinking you’ll be well on your way toward a fun and exciting party. From sending out the baby shower invitations to planning the party menu, everything will come together. If you feel like you need a little extra help, read on.

Although baby showers were once only given for the first child in a family, that tradition has changed in recent years. More and more people are deciding that every child should be celebrated regardless of how many other children a couple has. If the parents to be claim they have all the baby gear they need, consider throwing a diaper or book shower. Each guest can come with a pack of diapers or a favorite children’s book. Doing this means each child is celebrated, no matter how much baby gear the couple already has.

Sending Out The Baby Shower Invitations

Beeyond Paper has a large selection of baby shower invitations, so there’s a design for every style party, from sophisticated styles like the Special Brown and Pink (also available in blue) and the Mommy Green Dress to whimsical styles like the Giraffe and Carriage. There are even special baby shower invitations just for twin parents to be.

The baby shower invitations will set the mood for the shower. Will it be a sophisticated women-only event or are you planning a more modern couples’ shower? Whatever the theme, make sure to send the baby shower invitations about two to three weeks before the event. You’ll want to give your friends and the mother-to-be’s family members plenty of notice. If you don’t hear from the guests a few days before the shower, follow up with a phone call or email so you can get a firm guest list.

Don’t Forget The Details

Minor details can mean a lot when planning a great baby shower. Take a look at your home through critical eyes. How will your guests approach your home? Do they have a place to put their coats? Do you have a spot reserved for the gifts? Some baby items are large, so make sure to have more than just one little table for presents. It’s details like this that will ensure your guests have a fun and memorable time.

Traditional Or Modern – What Type Of Baby Shower Is Best?

Baby showers have a long tradition of being influenced by religion and culture, though the tone of your shower can be set by the baby shower invitations. Once reserved for only women, more and more couples are giving the father-to-be a spot as co-guest of honor and inviting men to take part in the festivities. It’s also becoming popular for modern baby showers to be held at restaurants, banquet halls, and other public locations, though it’s perfectly acceptable to hold the shower in someone’s home, as long as it is large enough to comfortably host everyone.

It can be considered good luck for the baby if guests rub the mother’s belly. However, many women are uncomfortable with having their stomachs touched, so make sure and ask before you plan an activity that includes a little belly rubbing. The last thing you want to do is alienate the mother-to-be or make her uncomfortable.

Fun With Food

No baby shower should be without a fun menu. Traditionally finger sandwiches, small desserts and fruit punch are on the menu, but today’s baby showers are limited only by your imagination. If the mother-to-be has been craving a particular food, put it on the menu. Guests will get a kick out of seeing something unusual like pickles among the traditional party food.

You’ll definitely need items like plates, utensils, napkins, tablecloths, as well as balloons, flowers, party favors, and prizes for any party games. Depending on the size of the party and the location, you may also need to rent chairs to ensure everyone has a comfortable place to sit. Fun party games can include blind baby food testing, baby Bingo, and a number of other games.

A baby shower begins with a baby shower invitation, but doesn’t end there. If you’re able to plan everything ahead of time, you’ll just need to sit back and enjoy the party when the big day arrives.

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