How To Plan A Great Party — From Halloween Party Invitations To Goody Bags

Halloween will be here before you know it, making now the perfect time to start planning a fun children’s Halloween party. Many parents are leery about sending their children out into the dark for door to door trick-or-treating. A children’s Halloween party is an excellent alternative. You may be surprised at the kind of party you can throw with a small party budget.

If you ask any child what their favorite holiday is, Halloween ranks right up at the top. Children of all ages will start planning their costumes and anticipating their candy haul the minute the Halloween party invitation comes in the mail. When your guests receive their Halloween party invitation, they’ll instantly remember Halloween fun from previous years, including what they dressed up as, the candy they received, and all the fun they had.

Halloween Party Invitations Set The Mood

Halloween Invitations from BeeyondPaper.comSince Halloween parties have gained popularity in the past few years, yours may be just one children’s Halloween party happening on this holiday. If you want your party to be the one guests want to come to, consider buying one of Beeyond Paper’s many styles of Halloween party invitations. Beeyond Paper has everything, including invitations that are fun and funky, classic and whimsical. Whatever the tone you want to set for your children’s Halloween party, you’ll be sure to find the perfect invitation.

Since the Halloween party invitation will be the first glimpse guests have into your party, choose one that goes with your party’s theme. For instance, if you’re planning a party complete with an authentic haunted house for teenagers, find an invitation such as the spooky Sleepy Hollow or Fright Night styles. If your party is more for younger children, choose a design that’s a little tamer, such as the Jack and Candy, Boo, or Pirate’s Hat designs.

No matter which design you choose, make sure the Halloween party invitation includes all the necessary information like the date, time, and location of your party. If the party is for younger children, it’s also a good idea to let parents know if they should stay at the party or just drop off their children. Also, make sure to ask about any food allergies when parents RSVP. Halloween can be a scary holiday, there’s no need to add a hospital visit to the evening.

Food And Fun!

The food at your children’s Halloween party doesn’t have to be complicated. Continue the theme set by your Halloween party invitations by choosing paper goods that coordinate.

Children will love healthy snacks, such as carrots, pieces of cheese, and sandwiches cut using Halloween themed cookie cutters. That peanut butter and jelly or ham sandwich suddenly tastes a whole lot better when it’s shaped like a scary ghost or cat. For dessert, decorate cupcakes like witches using a sugar cone or have a sugar cookie decorating contest where kids can eat their entries. Nothing beats a scary witch’s brew punch with a little dry ice and special ice cubes with plastic spiders frozen inside for effect. It’s easy to see that fun and memorable party food doesn’t have to cost a lot.

You will likely want to plan a few party activities since kids need a little more structure than adults. However, these games don’t have to be complicated. Modify birthday party games and play “Pin the Hat on the Witch,” “Blind Ghost’s Bluff,” or play Bingo using Halloween words and candy as game markers. If your guests are on a bit of a sugar high, consider modifying “Duck, Duck, Goose” into “Witch, Witch, Monster.” Don’t forget to add in monster noises. Another fun activity is a costume parade. Just make sure to get a group photo of all the kids.

Fun Party Favors And Personalized Touches

A fun party starts with unique Halloween party invitations and extends to food and games, but doesn’t end there. Small children will love finding their own party favors amongst creepy spider webs or with the help of a personalized scavenger hunt. As the guests leave, don’t forget to give them a picture of everyone in costume.

Take the time to plan a great party, from Halloween party invitations to party favors. Your guests will leave wanting to know the date of your next party.

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