Holiday Picture Ideas

So you’ve decided that you’re going to send out holiday photo cards this year, and that you also want to take an above average picture for your family and friends.  You don’t have to follow the tradition of wearing matching sweaters or standing in a snowy background, it’s time to make your pictures and cards as unique as you are.  If you want to add some sugar and spice to your holiday pictures, try some of these ideas.

All I want for Christmas…

Your mother has enough pictures of your kids on Santa’s knee, if you want to show your kids getting into the holiday spirit all you need are some magic markers and paper.  Have each of your children think about which gift they want the most for Christmas, then have them write it down or draw a picture of it.  Take a picture (either a group photo, or an individual photo for each child) with your kids smiling and holding up the piece of paper with their ultimate holiday wish.  This cute spin on a Christmas photo favorite isn’t just unique, it can also help your family friends know how to shop for your kids.

Hilarious Holidays

If you want to fill your loved ones with holiday laughter and cheer, why not give send them a holiday greeting with a funny picture?  Think about some iconic pictures and poses, and then pick your favorite pose for the family photo.  An American Gothic Christmas or Holidays on Abbey Road will give you a memorable holiday photo and a few laughs.  If you want to take a step further, pick one of your favorite memes make that your theme for your holiday greeting card.

Year Round Fun

Who said that every Christmas card picture has to have a Christmas theme?  If you have some beautiful photos of you and your family enjoying a summer vacation or celebrating a birthday, make that your main picture in your holiday card.  Those pictures show your family enjoying each other’s company throughout the year.  And they’ll show your friends just how truly happy your family is.

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