Holiday Party Theme Ideas

When the holidays roll around, people want to get together with their loved ones and celebrate their good fortune.  Everybody knows what to expect at your average holiday party, themed food and drinks, themed holiday party invitations, and maybe some themed decorations.  If you want to throw a holiday party that stands out among the rest you should give it an interesting theme.

Charity Party

You’re getting together with your family and friends to celebrate your good fortune, so why don’t you take time to help others that are less fortunate than you?  A charity themed party can help you and your friends celebrate the holidays and help people in need at the same time.  You could ask each guest to bring a toy so you can donate them to Toys-for-Tots or another charity that helps gives children happy holidays.  Or you could pick a few charities, ask your guests to bring money to the party, and have everybody vote on which charity they’d like to donate to the most.

Outrageous Holiday Clothing Party

What is it about the holidays that compel people to wear wild clothing?  We’ve all gotten an itchy and elaborately decorated Christmas sweater from or grandparents, or have seen electronic holiday sweaters with Rudolph noses or Menorah candles that light up.  Take some time to celebrate the wackiness of the holiday season and get your friends to wear the most outrageous holiday themed clothing they can find.  Your friends will love mingling and explaining the origins of their unique holiday attire, and at the end of the night you can vote to see who has the craziest item of clothing.

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