Graduation Invitations and Thank-Yous

If you have a high school or college student, graduation is most likely next month! Before you get caught up in the excitement and even the stress of packing up, moving out, and moving on, make sure to celebrate the accomplishments your graduate has made. Throw a graduation party to commemorate such a notable occasion!

graduation invitationTwo of the most important, yet easiest to forget items necessary for a successful graduation party are the invitations and the thank you notes. Even though many students in school these days don’t send letters, or any snail mail for that matter, the majority of the relatives sending cards and money will have grown up with the tradition and courtesy of a thank you note. Ordering them before the party ever begins ensures that neither you nor your graduate will be able to forget in all the hectic time around graduation to remember the ones who remembered you.

Options for custom graduation invites and party invitations are practically endless. This square card features a black graduation cap with a white tassel. Your information is featured on a separate insert card and white envelopes are included.

You can send thanks in style with these coordinating fold over notes in heavy weight cardstock to perfectly coordinate with your graduation cards. Fonts and text are customizable, with white envelopes again included.

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