Scrap Booking From Halloween to the Holidays

With Halloween just around the corner, in all of the chaos the candy and costumes can bring, you don’t want to forget to document the occasion! Scrap-booking can be a great family activity and a great way to remember the holidays as they come and go.

Start Simple

With all of the scrapbooking tools available, it can be a little overwhelming knowing where to start. A great tip for beginners is to just start simple. Choosing solid background papers and stationary can give you lots of options as you continue, and provides plenty of room for creativity. After any occasion, whether you threw a party yourself or were invited to one, using an invitation as the backing to a photograph can add color as well as significance to the page. What better way to remember not only what you wore last Halloween, but also where you wore it?

Get Creative

Themed stamps are an easy way to spice up a page – and you can use them each year as your scrapbook grows! Use contrasting ink colors to make sure the stamps pop off the page, and feel free to experiment on scrap paper before adding the stamp to the page. If you’re ready to create a more complicated design, embossers create a unique flare to the titles or captions around your photographs. Embossers can range from fairly simple to very ornate, so be sure when choosing one that you will be able to use it again whether it be in your scrapbook, or for any stamp, letter, or label.

From Halloween to the Holidays

You family will love to see how they’ve grown and changed over the years, and Halloween costumes are especially funny to look back on, making now the perfect time to start your scrapbook. Carry on through Thanksgiving and the holidays, and you’ll find it might be a tradition you want to continue on.

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