Cute DIY Baby Shower Ideas

Since the invitees for baby showers are predominantly women, let’s face it – you have to have a cutesy theme and plenty of décor and crafts to complement it. All the other excitement going on at this time can make it difficult to be creative, but once the ideas start flowing, you’ll have everything you need to deck out your venue and impress your guests. Here are a few ideas to jog your creativity.Baby shower decorations

The “shower” baby shower is a commonly used idea but it is so easy to do your own take on it. We love the idea of hanging strings of paper raindrops from the ceiling and decorating the wall and baby’s name with clouds. All the blue and white will make it perfect for a new little boy. To incorporate more pink, try using little pink umbrellas as cupcake toppers for dessert, or let the mommy-to-be sit under a big pink umbrella while opening gifts! Carry this theme into party favors, baby shower invites, and centerpieces as well.

Animals are always a good choice for themes as well. Cartoony animal pairs, one in pink and one in blue, make for adorable cookie shapes, cake toppers, and wall décor for mommies who are going to be surprised about the gender. Our personal favorites are birds (with little eggs!), elephants, and owls. There are so many cute, simple designs with these animals that you can use to make the decorations and incorporate plenty of the colors of your choice.

A great unisex theme is one that incorporates “Mommy to Bee.” Bees are a cute little design that will incorporate lots of yellow so the décor won’t favor either gender. Yellow candles that resemble small jars of honey make great party favors, and a bee-shaped cake would be very easy to make.

Okay, okay – really any theme you choose will be beyond adorable as long as you put a little love into it. Just don’t be afraid to get creative, and make sure to get baby shower invites to match!

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