Bridal Shower Invitations for Lingerie Parties

When you hold a lingerie party, it’s not just any party. Having fun with your girlfriends and even a super-hip Mother of the Bride or grandmother will help you grow even closer to the people you care about during one of the most important times of your life. Here, you’ll find some of the trendiest bridal shower invitations for your special day.

As fun and carefree as it seems, a lingerie party signifies a major rite of passage for a woman, as you take on your new and exciting role as a wife. Today, being a wife can signify so much more than simply presiding over the kitchen. A lingerie party celebrates one particular facet of a woman’s new life. As you move away from your parents or roommates, you create a whole new existence for yourself as one half of a whole in your marriage. Our lingerie party bridal shower invitations help you mark the change.

A lingerie party is the kind of party that only those closest to you, or who will be closest to you, will be invited to. Usually, they consist of a very select group of people that you are comfortable around and who don’t mind the slightly indelicate. Often hilarious and offbeat, you never know what to expect (or what kind of presents you’ll get) at a lingerie party. We have a wonderful selection of lingerie party bridal shower invitations to help you and your nearest and dearest to celebrate.

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