Baby Shower Invitations for All Types of Showers

As they say, every pregnancy is different. Well, the same could be said about baby showers. Luckily we carry a diverse selection of baby shower invitations, catering to your specific needs.

When most people think of a baby shower, they picture a group of women huddled around an expectant mother as she tears through baby gift after baby gift. But while this is generally what a baby shower entails, there are actually a number of different types of baby showers.

Listed below, you’ll find baby shower themes to which we are more than willing to prepare baby shower invitations for.

Baby “Sprinkle”

Instead of being “showered” by gifts, invite your friends to “sprinkle” you with a few needed supplies. A baby sprinkle is ideal for a woman on her second or third pregnancy, as well as any overly prepared mother who has already purchased the big ticket items.

Mommy Party

Send out baby shower invitations for a girls-only mommy party. This will allow your closest girlfriends to help you celebrate the arrival of your newborn, as well as provide some motherly advice, of course.

Couples Baby Shower

The couple baby shower breaks the traditional, women-only showers of the past. At these showers, the father-to-be and some of his friends are invited to join the party.

Adoption Baby Shower

Being an expectant mother doesn’t mean you have to be pregnant. If you’re planning to add a new member to your family through adoption, you’re as much of an expectant mother as a woman entering her third trimester.

Daddy Baby Shower

These days, more and more baby showers are being thrown for new dads as well as new moms. Typically, it’s a celebration thrown by his best guy friends.

A New Baby Shower

Kill two birds with one stone by throwing a new baby shower. This type of shower is thrown after the arrival of your little one and allows friends to shower you with gifts as well as meet the newborn.

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