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Show Someone They’re Special This Holiday Season

Monday, December 7th, 2009

If you’re sending out holiday cards this year, a great way to show those special people you care is to send out something more personal than just a general mass-produced card. If you take the time to show they’re worth it, there’s no way you won’t spread extra cheer throughout the holiday season!

Personalized Labels

Creating personalized return address labels not only sets your card apart from the pile, but also brightens up anyone’s mailbox. Whether you decide to go with a creative design, or simple and straightforward, it will no doubt draw attention. Try a plain white envelope with a colored label, or even a lightly colored envelope with your personalized label and it will almost feel like opening a present!

Include a Smile

If you’re looking for a fun, new way to send your holiday wishes – do it with a digital photo card. Over the years, many families have added family photographs in with holiday cards to show their extended family and friends how their children or families as a whole are growing. With digital photo cards, however, you can have the photo and the card together in one short, sweet, smile-worthy format. Some like to include pictures of the whole family, while some just take a photo of the kids(or even pets). There’s no reason to feel far away from the family this year.

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