Voluspa Ceramica Alta Maison Candles, Champagne

Voluspa Ceramica Alta Maison Candles, Champagne

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Product Name:Voluspa Ceramica Alta Maison Candles, Champagne
Product Code:Champagne
Min Quantity: 1
Price: $26.00 for 1

As low as $26.00 each

Creating the perfect gift was the original goal, but the candles soon became one of the first choices in candles for many, including celebrities such as Katherine Heigl, Jessica Simpson, Nick Verreos, Kevin Zegers, Scarlett Johansson, Halle Berry. Kevin Sorbo, Nicole Eggert, Paula Abdul, Tori Spelling and Steven Speilberg. Voluspa is known for having top quality waxes and fragrances, but now they have out-shined themselves with some amazing new candles and a new wax that yields even richer fragrances and exhibits a more even burn




Voluspa Ceramica Alta Maison Candle -.is hand poured and comes in an exquisite ceramic container that will elegantly adorn any room. Made of Apricot and Coconut waxes with about 120 hours of burn time.


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